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See I was, where are right now, lost hopeless, knowing that there is a way. I had tried all those get rich quick schemes and make money online programs. I spent close to $25,000.00 on these programs only to be disappointed.

I was broke and in pain. You see I had been severally injured in an accident. I lost my job, my house, my truck, and even my girl friend. I was unable to work and support myself cause I was disabled. I would sleep on friends couches and borrow money just to get something to eat. At one point I stood on the street corner panhandling. I was at rock bottom!

With just a few dollars left I went to a friends house and begged him to let me use his computer for the day I told him I only had a few dollars And I was willing to give it to him for the use of his computer. That day changed my life

That day I stumbled on to e-commerce site called Shopify. I studied it like no other, and realized this was it. I couldn’t believe how stupid simple it was. I set up my store in just a couple of hours. And was telling everyone I knew about it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, I texted/called everyone in my contacts. I printed out flyers and put them on cars at the shopping mall (Don’t tell my friend I used his ink and paper! LOL).

“I DID It! Can you?”

Within 1 week I had made my first few sales. After about 6 weeks I had made enough to pay my bills and a room to stay in. After 8 weeks I was able to pay to drive more traffic from Facebook and Instagram. The more I spent the more I made and the rest was mind blowing.

I now make my living solely online. And so does my friend that let me use his computer.

I now own a 3 bedroom house a new truck and have a beautiful wife that supports me in everything I do. I couldn’t be happier.

Once you are successful, what would you do first?

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My husband and I was able to get setup and driving traffic to our store in less than 72 hours made 28 sales our first week.
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I have never had a program that was straight to the point as this one. Super simple to follow.
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I didn’t have to a web designer or hire one everything was so simple that at my age of 67 I was able to get it done.
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I was able to make a profit my first week and now I’m looking at quitting my job to do this fulltime after only 3 months.
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